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Raekyla Old School Center is a member of an informal network concerned with the development of international educators since 2009.  The Centers´ development specialist, Piia Karro participated in the Interskola conference in Stawiskas, Poland. Piia joined the Interskola network in 2002 when she was a member of the organizing committee at the first held Estonian interskola conference.

The continuation or termination of the Interskola network was considered in depth in 2009. Since Raekyla Old School Center had worked so closely with the Baltic States and Scandinavia and had gained experience organizing international conferences, Piia offered network members the idea of organizing the 2013 conference in Northern Latvia and Southern Estonia.

At this stage, an initial conference schedule has been completed.  The conference has been named, “Two in One – Back to our roots”.
Initial information can be found here:

Interskola 2013 First Notice

Especially important information:
·      The number of participants in the conference is limited to  ~50 participants (including members from Estonia, Latvia and Russia).
·      Special invitations will be provided to those attending the conference and post conference in order to facilitate the acquisition of visas.
The Setoland County connection will simplify the acquisition of visas to the post conference.
·      The expected cost of the conference is ~ 500 euro (Does not include the post conference)
·      The Conference organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to the schedule. The dates will not change.
·      Any proposals or questions are welcome –
·      Important dates –
31.08.12 Pre-registration for conference and post-conference (

Pre-registration will assist us in determining the number of interested participants for the conference and post conference which will help us determine the cost of additional resources. Preregistration is also required for the acquisition of visas.
25.01 – 27.01.13 Preparations for the summer conference will take place at Winterskola 2013.
31.01.2013 The summer conference program and cost is fixed. Information regarding the conference can be found: Conference registration begins.
31.03.2013  Deadline for enrollment.

Links to forthcoming conferences:

A three-member committee has been formed to prepare for the conference:

Piia Karro (EST) –, +372 58453331
Ineta Krumina (LAT) –, +371 29450843Welcome! Laipni Lūdzam!Tere tulemast! Добро пожаловать!