Welcome to the project “who left these footprints, who went through those footprint?” Page! In the future, we refer to the “Footprint” project abbreviation.

The project has been created in order to recognize and value the history of different districts of the city of Pärnu and the people who have worked there, who have left a deep mark either locally or internationally through their activities. The project is a gift from Raeküla and several other Pärnu districts for the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia.
The duration of the project is 01.09.2017-31.12.2019.
On the basis of the information gathered during the trace project, imaginary trails are prepared in the districts, where short descriptions of the objects are prepared. See the completed paths here: Raeküla, Vana-Pärnu, Kalamehe quarter, Rääma, Paikuse.
The tracks are available free of charge in digital form on our website in both Estonian and English.
Thanks to Regio OÜ for cooperation!