Room rental

Raeküla Old School Centre offers services for various concerts, conferences, exhibitions, receptions, style and corporate parties and other events. It is possible to design the interior according to your tastes and the theme of the event:
* Conferences, seminars and trainings-up to 200 people (theatre style)
* Formal and unformal receptions-150-200-people
* Christmas, end of the year events and other celebrations-up to 100 people (with tables)
* Organizing birthdays and wedding celebrations

* * Concerts and theatrical performances-up to 200 people
* * Dance, singing and gymnastic festivals
* Children’s and youngsters birthdays-up to 15 people (on Fridays and Saturdays) in the Youth Centre premises

Premises and equipment for rent: Price list See pictures: Gallery

more information:
phone: + 372 5845 3331, + 372 5567 1766